My name is Aileen and I reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. I have 10 years of combined healthcare experience as a Registered Nurse and a Family Nurse Practitioner board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. My most valuable experiences to date have been working in critical care, hospital medicine, and research. I currently split my time working as a Nurse Practitioner in Immediate Care, and as an Aesthetic Nurse Injector at Aqua Beauty Lounge & Med Spa.

In early 2020 the healthcare industry was rocked to its core when the COVID-19 pandemic began. I along with many others, served on the front lines during this brutally challenging time in history. Overwhelming patient volumes, complexly ill patients, and the overall drastic shift in the healthcare landscape drove me to pursue new opportunities.

As a full time healthcare worker, wife, and mother; I can attest to the impact of self care and wellness. As women, we constantly juggle our various roles in hopes to find some sense of balance. But too often we forget to prioritize ourselves. Whether it be a quick thirty minute exercise repeatedly interrupted by my 3 year old daughter, learning to play a new instrument as an adult, or a monthly facial with my favorite aesthetician; when we take time for ourselves the results are an endless domino effect. We are rewarded with a renewed sense of balance, gratitude and positivity; which ultimately projects onto our loved ones, is reflected in our work, and can even impact our own communities. 

I’d love to have the opportunity to help you on your own journey of self care and wellness, and help you stay #refreshedninspired